Brand New Dog Beds

Personalized Custom Dog Beds

Let me just say that there’s nothing better than a great bed. Everyone, dogs and humans alike, love nothing better than to crawl into a warm, comfy bed. So when my humans ordered some brand new dog beds for myself and Lily, we were both pretty excited.

New Dog Beds

Are they not just absolutely adorable?!

As you can see, mine is black and white with royal blue while Lily’s has candy pink stripes. The fun part is that my humans were able to totally design the beds. Not only could we choose the style of the bed, but also the fabric and the font for our names. It was all from a great site called J’Adore Custom Pet Beds.

Just think…your dog bed can match your humans home. With so many fabric choices and cool styles, it’s easy to get your dream bed.

New Dog Beds

Lily’s bed is much bigger than mine, but that’s because she’s going to get a lot bigger than me! She wanted to check her bed out a little more in-depth…but we all know that she is a little nosy…

New Dog Beds

The beds are amazing quality and come perfectly packaged and beautifully wrapped.

New Dog Beds

And guess what?…Lily and I each got some special treats personalized just for us.

New dog beds

Trust me, if your pet needs a new bed, J’Adore Custom Pet Beds is the place to look. They’re comfortable, well made and too cute for words…

New Dog Beds

…but then so are me and Lily!