An Old Dog and A New Puppy Meet

I had a good run. For ten years, it was just me. I was the one and only…Charlie. The adorable little white Toy Poodle. When someone walked through the door, it was I that greeted them with an enthusiastic showcase of joy. I was the one that sat beside them on the sofa, allowing them to rub my back. Their eyes lit up when I walked in the room.

Those where the days.

Then, I met Lily.

Can you believe they actually brought this wild beast into my home?

For one thing, she’s the exact same size as me, even though I’m 10 years old and she’s only 10 weeks. You know what that means? She’ll get bigger! That’s not fair. Why should I have to look up to her?! Who’s the elder here?!

And let me just say that she is so annoying. They keep saying she’s just a puppy and that’s what puppies do. Seriously! Puppies nip at your face and ears all day. How many times do I have to protect myself while trying to drink from my water bowl? Can’t I go to the bathroom without her sniffing at my butt?! Privacy is a no go now.

What’s worse is the fact that this girl wants to play…nonstop. It’s ridiculous. Here I am in the prime of my life and she’s jumping on my back and nipping at my legs. I’m sorry…but I’m too old for this stuff.

And to add insult to injury…she’s right beside me to greet them at the door…she sits on the sofa, often taking my spot…and their eyes light up when she walks in the room. She’s the adorable little black Portuguese Water Dog. (I’ve never even heard of those before!)

Yes, those were the days!…the pre-Lily days…

An Old Dog and a new puppy